Maine HIGH SCHOOL Softball Association

Game Announcements

Senior and Underclass Games at Colby College - Thursday, June 20, 2019

12PM - A/B North vs. A/B South Seniors

2PM - C/D North vs. C/D South Seniors

4PM - A/B North vs. A/B South Underclassmen

6PM - C/D North vs. C/D South Underclassmen

*Rosters will be developed in the beginning of June, following the season and development of league all-conference teams.*


Questions about games?  207-651-7698

CANCELLED!  (Due to weather and player safety) 

Games will NOT be rescheduled

Date: June 20, 2019  

Location: Colby College

  • 12 noon.  A/B north vs south seniors
  • 2              C/D north vs south seniors
  • 4              A/B north vs south underclassmen
  • 6             C/D north vs south underclassmen

Miss Maine Softball and scholarship winner(s) will be announced at the end of the 2 pm game. 

If games are cancelled they will not be rescheduled. Check this website if you are unsure!!

Please wear your school uniform.  Coaches will be those who whose teams were in the regionals.  You must be a member to be eligible!!


Senior All Star Roster A/B/C/D NORTH

Senior All Star Roster A/B/C/D SOUTH

Underclass All Star Roster A/B NORTH 

Underclass All Star Roster C/D NORTH 

Underclass All Star Roster A/B SOUTH


1.) Players will be chosen from the league all star selections. 

2.) Must be a member school

3.) 1st team all stars are given 1st consideration. Remaining spots will be filled by 2nd team

4.) We will TRY and divide the teams up equally between the two classes. It will depend on how many players and member schools are available.

5.) Coaches will be those coaches that are members of association and have made it to the regional finals of their division

Game Rules

1.) The game will be a nine inning game. All players should wear their school uniforms. Must bring their own equipment

2.) Home team determined by coin flip

3.) Inning is over by 3 outs or 5 runs scored, which ever comes 1st